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The session focused on providing feedback concerning the mid-cycle review. Mikkia was advised that the feedback is a collection of her peers as well as myself.
She was first asked to thoroughly read through the feedback after which we had a detailed discussion regarding each supporting point with examples as follows:
Mikkia's responsibility is to provide quality professional service that consistently satisfies our customers and meets or exceeds Vistaprint service quality standards. With special attention to converting and retaining customers. Effective conversion of Electronic Service clients and retention of such clients by extending applicable saves offer to ensure that the value of the service is accepted
Overall Performance 
Mikkia has joined the company as a sales simple associate whom have transitioned to the Sales Complex team seemingly. Her performance in this cycle is consistent with someone who is developing at a pace that is expected and is considered on track for the next level (R2).  
Grow   ---Competency Rating:3
1. Quite flexible, and adjust to changes easily. An example of this was her transition to sales complex and the execution of the processes with little supervision.
2. Open to feedback and always try to utilize what is discussed within our sessions to do better.
3. Proactive in assisting her peers to perform at a higher level by sharing information to increase email processing rate
Deliver notes 
Deliver----Competency Rating: 4
1. Great track record for attendance and being early for her shift as well as her scheduled lunch and breaks.  
2. Mikkia was able to learn and execute email processing in one day with steady increase in processing rate month over month.
3. Mikkia was the QA star for the center and top ASAT performer of her team for two consecutive months
Collaborate notes 
Collaborate---Competency Rating:3
1. Volunteered time to assist with Vibez activity preparation after work hours as well as gather  supplies to aid where necessary.
2. Mikkia integrates herself within the team well by introducing play time to ease the stress within the team by playing board games
Opportunities for Development  
Collaborate---Competency Rating:3
1. Mikkia needs to be a more active within the team by influencing not only those within her immediate circle (seated around her) but the rest of the members. She could also consider being more active within team meetings.
Service Orientation 
Service Orientation notes 
- What's going well? What are the areas of opportunity?
Sales notes 
Opportunities for Development    
Sales Orientation---Competency Rating:3
1. Mikkia still  displays challenges in maintaining a steady sales flow adherence rate on a monthly basis. 
2. Mikkia should try to be more creative with her callers in terms of building rapport. Most of her conversations follow a set of particular questions especially when she is going to make a sales pitch. In continuing with this trend, her calls may become robotic and lose that value or connection with the customer. This could also assist with her getting a better sales flow adherence.
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DMR 2011 June - Busy Signal, Kohsens, Kiprich, Fambo, T'Nez - Song Dem Hard Like Turtle Back
DMR 2011 June - Busy Signal, Kohsens, Kiprich, Fambo, T'Nez - Song Dem Hard Like Turtle Back